Saturday, October 19, 2013

James Cracknell inspires me

ok, here I go, this all feels a little alien to me, yes it has been a while but don't worry, I'm back.
Well, where to start? Quite a bit has happened since I last posted anything. I married the love of my life, olympian, Elana Hill, she continues to be an inspiration to me, and as any athlete knows, if you have someone in your corner then the road seems less rocky. What a wonderful woman to have in my life.
Since I raced the single at The South African Senior Championships in May 2013, I had plans to race in Italy, WCIII in Lucerne and World Champs, Chungju, South Korea. Allas, my brother and I missed out on a trampoline scholarship and therefore could not afford the expense. This has only ignited our flame, the desire burns deep within. We put our heads down and have been crushing the mileage, trying to achieve between 100-150km a week. James Cracknell is someone who I draw lots of inspiration from, after watching the Gold Fever series he became one of my heroes. His mental strength and sheer tenacity is definitely something to be admired. His philosophy was to have one rest day a month, everyone has something different, but that is something to think about.
It is nearing the end of the year and it is time to finalise the year plan for 2014, what to attend and how to afford it. Let me know any info regarding a great warm up regatta or training camp close to a World Rowing event, I would love some more exposure. Hit me up on my FB olympic page for discussion, also let me know your training philosophy, Is James right?

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