Monday, November 26, 2012

First race in a while.

I am back in the saddle after that little dilemma I had with my back, I'm convinced it must have been a pinched nerve.
Anyway, training goes on and I am feeling good. I seem to have caught a second wind of sorts as it nears the end of a teaching year. Things are hectic here at Peterhouse, despite all the madness of exams, marking and reports, I still have that burning desire to exercise even if it is an ergo session. My second wind may have something to do with racing the other day. In all fairness it was a local sprints regatta and my closest competition was a school boy, who raced well. The Zim juniors are away at Africa Champs so no competition from them, having said that it was still a great feeling to cross that finish line in first.
I eagerly await my brother Andrew Peebles' return from uni, it is awesome to have someone to train with, and i can foresee this festive season being full of exercise. Andy has come a long way since he started rowing at Rhodes University in 2008. I have watched him grow from strength to strength both physically and mentally, he put it that 'rowing training is not a sprint, rather a marathon' and this reflects in his own training. I hope he and I will compete together someday, be it in a 2-(pair) or 4x(quad), World Cup or Olympic Games, what a way to make our parents proud.
Keep watching this space and feel free to give feedback and comment, pass on links and videos - lets go interactive.

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